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How can I read specific lines and save them in an Excel sheet? Sorry, I'm not actually sure what library it's in, which is why this sample code uses CreateObject and the literal value 1 instead of the named constant adTypeBinary! The result is identical to the answer by Todd Owen, but achieved without the use of external libraries. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms binary files vba excel service. Email Sign Up or sign in with Google.

How does a binary file have "lines"? Close End With Sorry, I'm not actually sure what library it's in, which is why this binary files vba excel code uses CreateObject and the literal value 1 instead of the named constant adTypeBinary! Todd Owen 10k 5 40 The library is Microsoft Active Data Object. You have to open it using "Binary Access".

Curtis Inderwiesche 2, 16 49 If you want to read the entire file into one big array, you binary files vba excel use the following code: Erik von Asmuth Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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I need a solution. Sign up today x. I need to know how to put this code into a Binary format via vba. Then use excel to fill a sheet with this data. Any help would binary files vba excel appreciated. Microsoft Excel Visual Basic. Simply convert it to a comma delimited text file csv. Excel can binary files vba excel a. Binary files vba excel csv file simple text file would look like this: Binary files vba excel you had a column binary files vba excel numerical data, you would not put the values in quotation marks.

Text needs quotation marks. That will cause Excel to treat it like text AND is required to binary files vba excel when a comma is a part of the string as opposed to being the separator. I need a smaller footprint to work from. Please upload a sample of your text file. While I await your response, I've made binary files vba excel assumptions about your data. If its "pipe delimited" in the entire file, re: Let's see how large the binary file that is created compares to your original text file.

I'm happy to give you code that reads the txt file and writes to. The following prompts you for the txt file, binary files vba excel it and parses based on "pipe delimited" formatting. XLSB format binary files vba excel format. That file can then be read by Excel, no problem, so no need for binary files vba excel code interpreting. Show End With If dialogFile. XLSB file and results may vary upon conversion to binary. Its a possibility, and I binary files vba excel do that probably sometime tomorrow morning.

I wanted to provide the simplest solution, first as there's code to maintain and yet you have to parse the. Access provides other options - not in space saving, perhaps, but in flexibility wrt number of rows. As an intermediate answer, try zipping the file or putting it into a folder and compressing that folder if you don't have winzip.

If it squashes it further, then there's definitely more room to go. You did imply you wanted to read the file into Excel, right? That might give you some flexibility to read what records you want to read into your excel database PLS let me know what you'd like to investigate further Thanks so much for staying with the question Sorry - its been a long day.

I will revert in a while - either today or guaranteed first thing in the AM. XLSB and to read the. Binary files vba excel file and to read the. BIN file, line by line, parsing the PIPE delimiter approach either at the end of the convert process, or by running the retrieveBIN sub directly using the buttons on the control panel.

XLSB approach to determine if this is the path by which you want to pursue. Also, the read subroutine outputs the results in a worksheet. Note, there's code that manages the total number of lines so once 1MM records is reached, a new sheet is added to the workbook for more lines I created a test txt file with 1MM lines, then limited my worksheet size to rows as with Excel to see how it performed.

It took about 13 seconds to create the. BIN file and seconds to create a new workbook with 17 sheets having rows on all but the last sheet. The original text file was 37, KB. BIN it became 39, KB so, converting to binary doesn't seem to save any space, as we're adding data re: XLSB it took 40 seconds to create, 13 seconds to load and the. So, there's a tradeoff.

Without a compression algorithm as with the. XLSB conversionwe pay a bit in time and size of the file, HOWEVER, with the binary approach or just plain text approach we can use the read algorithm to bring the file in to multiple worksheets re: Here's a solution wrt using the zip format: NET, but couldn't find any just in the normal library list in VBA though I didn't look extensively - that would give you the best of both worlds, re: Anyway, here's what I have so far: XLSB file to Retrieve".

Count To 2 Step -1 Application. Alot of good reading. Alot to read about and consider. Thanks very very much! Suggest you OPEN the file, before reading from it, rather than read it binary files vba excel. Would that speed up the process? Question has a verified solution.

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