Day trading chart reading

June 4, at 7: Yes, please do check the documentation here — https: In this case the stoploss price is

Please check and correct it. The answer to this depends on your risk appetite. April 13, at 7:

Hi Bearish Marubozu indicates a sell call. Lower volumes indicate lower liquidity. Bearish Marubozu indicates extreme bearishness. This way the reader can be sure of which chart you are referring to. April 19, at

I am literally amazed with the easiness of the content. Risk taking definitely pays off but you should definitely have a plan and have a stop loss. You said that once trade is initiated, the stoploss is triggered and one exits from the trade but day trading chart reading lose since the price can again go up.

Most of the candle stick patterns both single and multiple you explained here talk about their utility for trades spread over multiple days. The problem with lengthy candles would be the placement of stoploss. Hope I am day trading chart reading asking questions which are answered in the subsequent chapters that I have not read.

But Here Shadows are more than that? I have a question regarding Marubuzo. January 27, at 4: What is the time frame 1 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins charts e.

I am new to stock market and trading, but the way you explain things is super easy. A bearish marubozu indicates that there is so much day trading chart reading pressure in the stock that the market participants actually sold at every price point during the day, so much so that the stock closed near its low point of the day. Buy strength and sell weakness? February 10, at 1: