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It also results in greater flexibility in payment processes face when certain causes saturation may exist on networks of payment terminals Christmas campaigns, etc. And finally, and in an indirect way, it means greater physical safety for the user not having to carry credit cards with them.

It then goes on to describe very briefly a series of drawings which aid in better understanding the invention and which are expressly related to an embodiment of said invention presented as a non-limiting example thereof. Figure 1 shows a general diagram of the process. The invention relates to a system and method of payment and loyalty that combines the creation of a certified platform identification and development of an application that is installed on the mobile phone or on the user's computer, which ensures that the person It performs an operation is actually authorized and authentic person.

The central system recognizes the relationship telephone number and number of token, allowing you to check the authenticity of the person and the amount of the purchase, and activating the different components of loyalty that are enabled for that operation either by the merchant or by the user.

According to Figure 1, which shows a general diagram of the process, the owner of the establishment or Trade 1 online or face-store is discharged platform payment system via web by entering your personal data and bank details eg credit card with which it will operate, which are sent to a database 7.

The system includes an application access via web services with which the discharge process and all sales operations and consulting data transactions can be performed. The first time you must enter your access code and password trading.

Also, the user or consumer 2 also complete a process web-high in the system by entering personal data first and only time. It is necessary that the user provides a minimum set of data during the registration process on the platform title, name, n and mobile phone and data card or cards you want to link to the system and other relevant data which are sent to a user database 6.

Moreover, the user can download a mobile application for the operating system installed on the mobile from the app store. Install it on your device and the first time the user opens the application asks for your mobile number and activation code received. The mobile application prompts you to enter a PIN twice for reasons of protection of the application.

This is the only time when data connection is required to perform such synchronization. This process need not be repeated at any time. OTP before generating the code, the user can select the desired coupon discount, within the loyalty program, or the card you perform the operation.

In the case of an e-commerce transaction, the user enters this code OTP and your mobile number in the virtual TPV of the online store. In the case of purchasing face, the head of the store introduces the OTP and the mobile number manually in your sales system or this introduction may be automatic setting transmission Bluetooth, for QR Codes or bidi NFC or any other similar system, in which case it is not necessary to grant the mobile number.

This step can be developed in two ways: Trade also introduced and subsequently in amounts in the server. This represents an increase of security. The user only if requested, receives a message on the mobile with the confirmation of your purchase.

This buying process does not require an Internet connection on the mobile user. In both options, the platform analyzes the user's purchasing pattern using different algorithms and artificial intelligence learns from customer needs providing future proposals merchant offers on customers to motivate their return to trade.

For security reasons, the application will automatically close once generated the OTP or being open at a configurable time and reapplies the user's PIN. The token generation application on the mobile device 4 has been developed using JAVA programming language J2ME , and the SDK software development kit manufacturers of the major operating systems supported by mobile devices. It is a proprietary algorithm tokenization algorithm based on two factors force http: It added a further layer of security to the application itself to control access thereto.

These developments have withstood the tests of robustness against different types of attacks, as defined by international safety standards. As discussed above, the system has an application access via web services for the business establishment, with which the discharge process and all sales transactions, data query and transaction access to functions can be performed loyalty.

In the case of an authentication service, just the token and mobile number. Authentication is based on two factors: Server 8 acts as an intermediary between the establishment website or physical store and media gateway payment 9 and in which information on users database users 6 and establishments database stores reside 7 , and user identification data, or OTP token and amount of the purchase code.

In this case if the data connection between trade 1 and the central server 8. After making a series of checks related to user IDs and settlement is needed, as well as OTP token user-generated information it is transferred to the payment gateway through 9, which is who keeps information on credit cards, bank accounts and therefore must comply with safety standards PCI DSS 2.

At said gateway 9 proceeds to the dual user ID and card or bank account associated in both cases and the corresponding debit transactions January 12 are performed with the issuing bank 10 and fertilizer 14 January with the acquiring bank January 1. Payment can also be made by points earned through loyalty system. This requires the payment gateway through a server 9 checks Loyalty program 14 if the user has enough points.

This server 14 has a database with the accumulated points of each user. The average payment gateway sends the amount to 9 loyalty program server 14, which subtracts points account user points and returns a code of proper operation. The system records the transaction in the system generates a ticket, send an email of the purchase to the user and returns a success message.

The server program also manages 14 loyalty coupons and discounts, and uses artificial intelligence methods to learn from consumer habits. The software development of web services cater to the requirements of the establishment or trade 1 and those required for communication with the media gateway payment 9.

That is, the application of sales terminal 5 receives all information related purchase ID and password property, purchase amount, and the mobile number of the user and the token.

This allows at any time "traveling" sensitive user data such as name or number of payment card, which gives greater security to the operation in the event that may occur attacks MiM "Man in the Middle" , among others. Being operations online, gateway payment means 9 authorize or not the operation depending on the availability of balance, or any other reason, and issue the corresponding confirmation messages.

Once confirmed January 16 the transaction by issuing banks 10 and acquirer January 1, information is recorded in the database transaction This database is associated with a transaction module where the same are managed by setting features and protocols for different cases that can occur in various operations erroneous transactions, returns, correct transactions, receipts from shops, etc.

The system also has a module 13 responsible for generating revenue. It should be noted that the billing is linked to the loyalty system, so that the module is able to manage key issues such as VAT on points received by the different trades, repayment and management of points where return product, etc. Upon confirmation of the operation 1 18 the corresponding points are recorded on the loyalty system. The system returns the conformity of the trade transaction and sends the ticket to the user via email, SMS, or other format.

The system bill for a predetermined period every trade balance depending on the time point redemption and is paid to acquiring bank commercial establishment on January 1. As the module LOYALTY, it has been developed based on new techniques based on artificial intelligence for optimizing search large amounts of data and its management, improving the system of loyalty and the system being able to learn from shopping customers usually do and can anticipate the specific needs of these.

The technique used is a combination of neural network algorithms, genetic algorithms and techniques swarm intelligence "swarm intelligence". The loyalty system not only generates the corresponding points of the transaction, if not by different algorithms, learn the customs and needs of customers. It is a tool for measuring and analyzing the habits of users of the gateway that provides information, supplemented with search functionality facilitates the entrepreneur customer intelligence "customer intelligence" you need and what not currently it has access.

Through a web graphical interface developed to provide access to data and movements both the establishment and the user have access in real time to all your data. On the other hand, these interfaces, which have been developed as Web services, allow easy customization according to customer needs.

To improve consultation and the speed thereof, architecture mounted servers distributed manner allowing parallel launching applications greatly improving access to the database is used. The complex is built in a web environment with restricted access where own tokens for secure access are used. All developments have been made in web programming language to allow remote user access. The data are integrated into an online panel where SMEs can access their credentials and get their reports and custom data, finding everything necessary for the proper management of the business, in terms of market intelligence and consumer.

Figure 2 shows an example of a purchase process according to the method of the present invention. First, the introduction of the purchase Then occurs, the cell number and the token obtained by installed on the mobile application if a reader QR, is introduced data entry will occur through reading thereof. It is checked whether the payment is correct If not, step is canceled; If so, the payment occurs at the acquiring bank Below is checked if the latter has been done correctly.

Otherwise, the operation is canceled If the payment was successful, proceed to award points to the user and sending the corresponding ticket , ending the process.

Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: The invention relates to a mobile payment system and method, said system comprising: Therefore, they have now outlined two main ways of identifying users: The payment system via mobile comprising: Another aspect of the present invention relates to a method of mobile payment, comprising: Figure 2 shows a use case of a process.

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