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The risk on your short CE would then be unlimited. For an ITM, all options are exercised, and how much ever the option expires ITM is transferred back to the buyer most active options in nse the option. The entire premimum of Rs 3. Arun, suggest you to go through the options strategies module on Varsity: I write an option with lot size 75 for Rs.

Assuming at that time nifty is trading at Cash settlement is when you exercise or at end of expiry you get back cash, if you get stock it is called stock settlement. Is there something am missing here? I have little knowledge in option trading. If the loss keeps most active options in nse up, and funds are not available, our RMS team will square off the position….

But if speed is not an issue, then it should be ok. So exercised automatically and how much ever the option is in the money is debited from your account and given to the buyer of the option. One other thing, I changed my mobile no. Though I would be in loss now, assume that on the most active options in nse of expiry nifty will be above and I will be under profit. On day 4 I square off at

Margin blocked gets released as soon as you exit your positions. The software is actually the fastest way most active options in nse trade, provided you have good internet speed atleast kbps and a decent system. For option writing, how soon will the fund be available to me? When is the premium for option shorting credited to the trading account? And what if loss occurred is more than the margin blocked.

You should firstly have the mutual funds in your demat account, if it is not already there. You should get your other inputs from here: Zerodha charges calculator; as per guidelines of SEBI. Recently I have opened trading account with OpetionsXpress.

The difference between the return on capital is almost 5x. Retail investor will stay away from options industry as one needs big pockets. Sir, I appreciate you. If i short tata motors call option at a premium amount of 16,one lot while it was Are my numbers correct?

I recommend to you to visit that site and create a Virtual trading account and evaluate the platform which they are providing to their clients. But in Zerodha due to MToM applied on the written options, every day additional margin is blocked for those options. Why is this so?

Shan, it is 0. Company names, products, services and branding cited herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Something like SL-M order.

As a part of my hedging strategy…. Sirwhat i mean is on the Algo Z how much of the data could be back tested and please can you tell me about some reliable data providers of India especially in the forex and commodities segment. But generally what assignment means is that if you have bought call options and Most active options in nse have shorted call options, if you decide to exercise the call option right to buyI might get assigned and have to deliver the stock to you. Is this understanding correct?

Will appreciate if you can clarify:. A stock is at Rsyou short calls at say Rs 2. When you write an option, say 1 lot of calls at RsRs Rs x 50 which is the premium most active options in nse by the buyer is credited to your trading account and this Rs on the premium is your maximum profit potential. Ispite of repeated request they dont send any schedule of charges and later they most active stock options most active options in nse nse we charge. I have few questions related to Liquidbees The return on Liquidbees is really pathetic compared to other liquid funds, but anyhowit would be great if you can clarify the same.