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Rarely do we point the finger at computer It's a shortened week in Australia due penny trading australia the Australian shares look set for a positive start Practise crafting your CFD trading strategies. Losses can exceed deposits. Thursday 05 April, Market Summary Charts Code Lookup. Political leadership changes sometimes lead to more favorable conditions for certain sectors.

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Featured Comment Some of the biggest disasters in the market have been industry roll-ups that grew too quickly. Reduce your trading costs. Late gains push ASX to positive close 3. Stocks to watch 4. Tax perks for share traders 2. Relief for Turnbull with win in Bennelong 3. How to declare dividends and franking credits on How are CFDs taxed? We all enter contracts every day, so why are they Submissions want super tax concessions cut: Takeover - Foreign Investment and the Australian Psyche 5. How to live like a Stoic 3.

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That is the ultimate attraction of penny stocks. There is a reason penny stocks are often referred to as penny dreadfuls.

Yet many average retail investors simply cannot resist the delightful prospect of massive percentage gains in a matter of days, and sometimes in a matter of hours. These investors ignore the plentiful advice to avoid using anything other than excess disposable cash to gamble on this kind of investment.

Gambling, they tell us, is what investing in penny dreadfuls really is; nothing more than a trip to the Casino and a roll of the dice. Why then are penny stocks so popular in share markets world wide?

These companies are typically very small and are engaged solely in exploring for minerals. A single find or even something as little as a positive geological report can send the share price soaring in the expectation it could be the next big winner. At the close ofyou could have invested in Minemakers — a Perth based phosphate exploration mining company -- for around twenty cents a share. In the minds of many investors, the opportunities for ten-baggers are more plentiful in the wonderful world of penny stocks.

The second reason they are so attractive has to do with how greed can trump rational thought. When greed steps in, it is easy to believe the potential for capital appreciation is higher the more shares you own. We forget about risk and focus solely on reward, salivating at the prospect of finding a share like MAK that could make us rich. And yes, there are other short-term success stories with other penny stocks.

Greed also allows us to fool ourselves into believing we can do what most investors cannot and that is time our buys and sells perfectly.

We look at a chart like the MAK and GWR examples and when dreaming about how much we could make if only we could find more shares like those, we calculate the profit assuming we penny trading australia in at the low and sold at or near the high. Also based in Perth, Great Western Resources is engaged in exploring penny trading australia iron ore and gold. The charts of both these companies display the main reason many refer to penny stocks as penny-dreadfuls.

They can fall as rapidly as they rise. Investors that bought in on these dips to catch the rising tide ended up losing big when the tide rolled out.

Does this mean you should avoid all penny stocks? Philip Fisher, considered by many market experts to be the father of growth investing, had this advice for investors in his classic investing book, Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits: They were harder penny trading australia research without the reporting requirements penny trading australia see today on the exchanges, but what Fisher was saying is the low price of a stock does not mean the stock lacks the potential for growth.

And there penny trading australia real success stories with penny stocks. Here is a ten year penny trading australia of one such success, CuDeco Limited: CuDeco CDU is engaged in the exploration and evaluation of mining properties, mostly in copper. The Internet has revolutionised sharemarket trading in many ways and one is the advent of the many stock penny trading australia and discussion boards.

Penny trading australia you will find some average investors, just like you, who are eager to share the results of their own penny trading australia into a company with others. Mining has been the major source of penny stocks in Australia for years and on a good penny trading australia you will find individuals penny trading australia have expertise in mining technology.

However, you will also find something else on those boards — stock spruikers and day-traders. A spruiker is essentially someone whose job is to promote something with tales that often sound too good to be true. Day traders sometimes frequent those boards as well for the same purpose — pumping up a share price regardless of the real prospects of the company.

Spreading rumours is another common strategy for pumping up a share price. A select group of speculative investors buys into a company at penny prices and then the massive pump campaign begins. Investors find their email inboxes crammed with information on the latest hot prospect, coming from multiple sources, all of them seemingly credible.

So they begin buying. There are better sources to look for penny stock prospects. However, if you want to avoid getting burned you penny trading australia to do your homework, perhaps even more penny trading australia than with the shares of larger companies.

Penny stocks always have a story to tell, and there are specific things you can do to help determine whether the story is little more than a fairy tale. First, thoroughly investigate the experience of company management. Some of these penny stocks are run by people who have had experience in larger companies in the same industry.

Who are the experts they employ and what have they done? Third, investigate the experience of the members of the Board. Look for people with entrepreneurial experience as well as experience with companies who have yet to turn a profit. Fourth, you need penny trading australia know where the cash is coming from and penny trading australia fast the company is spending it.

Companies with a high burn rate can run out of money to continue operating even when prospects are improving. You also need to know whether another company is exploring in the same geographic area. Finally, price targets with penny stocks are even more important than with larger companies. The rapid fall of these shares if the story behind them goes bad can be penny trading australia quick. Please note that TheBull.

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ASIC beefs up fight against penny trading australia trading, but will convictions flow? The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is moving to "real-time" monitoring of share trading as another weapon in the ongoing fight against insider trading. Will such a sentence really deter others who might be tempted to engage in insider trading? Point and Figure Charts. Practise crafting your CFD trading strategies. Losses can exceed deposits.

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Tax perks for share traders Reduce your trading penny trading australia. Late gains push ASX to positive close 3. Stocks to watch 4. Tax perks for share traders 2. Relief for Turnbull with win in Bennelong 3. How to declare dividends and franking credits on How are CFDs taxed? We all enter contracts every day, so why are they Submissions want super tax concessions cut: Takeover - Foreign Investment and the Australian Psyche 5.

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Anyone here trading penny stocks? My budget would be around 20k. Any advice where and how to start, broker.? Would like to try US market. Looking for buying short, long etc. Penny stocks are extremely risky, if you buy a 1 cent stock and it drops to 0. Beware of the penny stock investment schemes that say they can make you thousands of percent, many of these market companies who don't even turn a profit they go up when they promote them then hit the shit after awhile because people realise it's a worthless company.

No use actually being successful in trading, only to see your profits evaporate due to currency movements. No discount on capital gains held for less than 12 months. IE to offset your losses against your real income. Probably better to stick to highly speculative Australian mining stocks - cheaper to lose money locally. Also plenty of history to learn from AFR. I used to trade small caps a couple of years ago.

This robbed me of my sleep, my ability to leave my desk or go out to lunch. Every waking moment was consumed with the thought of whether a particular penny dreadful stock was going to go up or down. And as someone else pointed out, the brokerage rates are a real downer. Your ability to succeed in small caps depends on your ability to get in and out of positions quickly. If you are paying two lots of brokerage to buy and sell it makes it that much harder to turn a quid.

If you are looking to make money on speculative trading, you are probably better of trading CFDs locally than trading penny stocks. More information and much better regulated. So would be smarter to try Australian market first… Are etrade or bell direct any good… I always wanted to trade with stocks…get the feeling how it all works…Would like to try something like instant money or instant loss.

You come across as someone who is a tad reckless with money and 20k wont mean much to you if you lose it. Sorry to be harsh but that's how it sounds.

If you want instant money or instant loss best try the local casino mate. Even penny stocks can stay stagnant for months or even years so you wont get instant gratification. If you want to do this right, play the game for a few months using a virtual account. See how quickly you'll lose your 20k without actually losing it. You can tell I am a noob: Well I've got time at the moment and was thinking doing something with 20k…might just buy few silver or gold bars instead Thanks guys.

Sorry if we were all a bit harsh. If you really want to have a play, open up an account, I think nabtrade charges 15 dollars which is cheaper than etrade from memory. When I traded small caps, I read voraciously, all of the gossip at the Sydney Morning Herald forums, googled all the financial news, snagged a free membership at Intelligent Investor, etc. Gold is at a low price and has been dropping a lot in the past year, gold isn't the safest option anymore like it used to be so be careful.

I commented before, but thought I should just weigh in. Even though I'm not a financial advisor, I have enough experience with investments and I studied Finance at university, so I'm not making any of this stuff up.

I would invest it in a market index, such as the ASX, which is what I do with my own money. This gives you stable returns, reasonable growth and most importantly, very low risk. When you invest, you should always invest in a diversified portfolio as stocks never move in perfect correlation, meaning that you will be reducing your risk if you diversify. Secondly, I know most financial investors are not believers in market efficiency, but I believe that over the long term, markets are efficient.

What this means is that over a day, or two days, perhaps there are lots of chances where you can "beat the market" return higher than the ASX for e.

Of course hedge funds and other large institutions can beat the indices more often than not, but they have access to high levels of leverage that you, myself and mutual funds do not have access to. When you talk about "trading", you're not talking about "investment", you're talking about what is known as "gambling".

This is because when you invest in a market index such as the ASX, your money will grow in the long term. I'm not saying that the market never goes down, but look at the ASX index over the last years or something and you'll see what I mean, that there is a persistent upward trend.

Investing is making educated decisions and unless you actually have the analytical power of a fund, the ONLY way to invest is through a proxy for the market index, such as an ETF. You simply CANNOT beat the market on a consistent basis because you don't have an informational advantage over other investors. Trading penny stocks is almost a scam and shouldn't be allowed, their volatility is extremely crazy.

You're better off learning how to play poker and going to the casino and playing poker for a living, penny stocks are actually THAT volatile. To dabble in them and make day trades when you simply know less than other investors means that you will simply lose your money. My favourite analogy is always this. Think of it as a game of blackjack I'm not sure how much you know about blackjack, but google simple strategy for blackjack if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

Essentially, there is a set of rules which let you know whether you should hit or pass given your cards and the dealer's card. If you choose to play by this strategy, in the long run, you will break even. If you deviate from this strategy, unless you have extra information e. It's the same with the stock markets, if you just invest away from the index, you're deviating away from the mathematically correct strategy, and if you don't have extra information, again, your expected return will be lower than that of the market.

I traded all kinds of stocks including penny stocks. Problem and advantage of penny stocks is that any penny stock is usually heavily manipulated. If I could give you only one advice it would be: If everybody around cheers for a particular stock - run immediately. Most likely some manipulation is happening and smart money is selling the hype while dumb crowd is buying.

Try playing with it without real money for a while. That is, mark some stocks pretend to buy and sell them, allow for trading fees etc and see how much time it takes, how much money is possible before you bite the bullet and use real cash.

They used to do this in the Sunday papers. Interesting outcomes, I think often it was the school kids or stay at home mums that came out best off. Wouldn't be surprised, school kids have a competitive streak and stay at home mums have more time. I doubt other people who are busy would put much time into doing those things seriously. To really learn how to trade it will take many years but just buy one stock such as WBC and then look at the share price each day and start reading the financial section in the newspaper and online: You can also trade online with fake money quite a few sites do it.

Learn to play poker not against the house like blackjack where all you can hope to achieve is to win Compared to trading, the "fees" are built into the winnings and if you're good or lucky enough to come out on top, you can make quite a bit of profit and up to a certain point it counts as a hobby and is tax-free rather than an on-paper taxable investment.

Sometimes they have bad beats and come out behind but more often than not they've quadrupled their money in one night. Good luck and don't forget to give us all some updates in 6 months how you went, win or lose. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Just to quickly rain on your parade - Brokerage: Have you got the time to monitor this stuff and execute it in a different time zone. I've heard good things about Jordan Belfort at Stratton Oakmont.

I would try him first. No, you want someone that is winning, with tiger blood, Bud Fox is the man. The quote from Leonardo diCaprio on the side of the bus did for me. Where do I sign? Mate, Sorry if we were all a bit harsh. Advice and General Discussion.