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Shlomo Shamai, Technion Chair: Emre Koksal, Ohio State Chair: Achilleas Anastasopoulos, University of Michigan 8: Henry Pfister, Duke University Chair: Mokshay Madiman, University of Delaware 9: Ashish Khisti, University of Toronto Chair: Tony Ephremides, University of Maryland 2: Emina Soljanin, Rutgers Chair: Deniz Gunduz, Imperial College London 3: Yuval Kochman, Hebrew University Chair: Ayfer Ozgur, Stanford Chair: Anand Sarwate, Rutgers Chair: Ian Blake, University of British Columbia 8: Paul Cuff, Princeton University 9: Mahdi Cheraghchi, Imperial College Chair: Nihar Jindal, Google Also two talks at the Toucan Room: Something for almost nothing: Bobak Nazer, Boston University Chair: Phil Schniter, Ohio State Chair: Roy Yates, Rutgers Chair: Babak Hassibi, Caltech Chair: Andrea Goldsmith, Stanford University 3: Christopher Rose, Rutgers; S.

Galen Reeves, Duke Chair: Andrea Montanari, Stanford University Chair: Anna Scaglione, Arizona State 9: Emmanuel Candes, Stanford University Chair: Toby Berger, University of Virginia Chair: Tor Helleseth, University of Bergen Viveck Cadambe, Penn State Chair: Lang Tong, Cornell University Chair: Venkatesan Guruswami, Carnegie Mellon University 1: Sennur Ulukus, University of Maryland Chair: Bernd Bandemer, Aruba Networks 3: Boat leaves at 7, returns at 9: Gregory Valiant, Stanford Chair: Alfred Hero, University of Michigan Chair: Ivan Tashev, Microsoft Research 9: Michele Zorzi, University of Padova Chair: Mingyan Liu, Ravi patel technical analysis gps binary options robots of Michigan Chair: Tony Cai, University of Pennsylvania Chair: Landscapes and local optima.

Randall Berry, Northwestern Chair: Angelia Nedich, Arizona State Chair: Saswati Sarkar, University of Pennsylvania Chair: Prakash Ishwar, Boston University Chair: Slavakis, University Of Minnesota; G. Giannakis, University Of Minnesota; G. Ravi Mazumdar, University of Waterloo Chair: Vijay Subramanian, University of Michigan Chair: Mohammad Naghshvar, Qualcomm, Inc.

Edmund Yeh, Northeastern 9: Andrew Singer, University of Illinois Chair: Nazanin Rahnavard, UCF Maryam Fazel, University of Washington 2: Salim El Rouayheb, Rutgers Chair: Maya Gupta, Google Research 3: Vivek Goyal, Boston University Chair: Yao Xie, Georgia Tech 5: Complimentary Happy Hour from 6: Year Visual conference browserfind relevant papers, and create your personal schedule.

Secret-Key Generation from Channel Reciprocity: Fundamental limits of caching Mohammad A. To obtain or not to obtain CSI for secure communication in the presence of a hybrid adversary C. Phase transitions in the achievable rate sum of symmetric Gaussian interference channels Max H. Tracking dynamic sparse signals: Quickest changepoint detection for hidden Markov models: Is reality an error ravi patel technical analysis gps binary options robots code? Nonparametric distributed sequential detection via universal source coding Jithin K.

Group model selection using marginal correlations: Information-Theoretic cryptographic techniques beyond secure communication. Online Learning and Adaptation over Networks: Taco Tuesday - an evening in the life of a UCSD student, organized by the Coviello twins, current and former students welcome.

Variable-Length Coding with Feedback: Wesel, UC Los Angeles. Approximate Capacity of Interference Networks: A combinatorial look into deterministic models: Controlled sensing meets Kalman: Metric Learning and Manifolds: DimakisUT Austin. Toward enforceable "property rights" in cognitive radio: Which Boolean Functions are Most Informative? Banquet on a Bay Cruise - Reception starts at 6: Unified herding of CaTs: Music and symbolic dynamics: In Vivo Las Vegas!

Ravi patel technical analysis gps binary options robots average submatrices of a Gaussian random matrix: The virtuous cycles of Spetrum, Economy, and Theory.

A new message-passing algorithm for the maximum weighted independent set with applications in wireless networks and protein docking Ioannis Paschalidis, BU. Achieving both high throughput and ravi patel technical analysis gps binary options robots delay with CSMA-like algorithms: Learning Mixtures of Spherical Gaussians: Leus, Delft University Of Technology.

The unique games conjecture and maximal inequalities on the hypercube. Approximate Indexability and Near Optimality: Optimal discovery with probabilistic expert advice: Inferring causality in w.

A timely consideration of some inherent limitations of automated learning.

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