Temporarily closed trade broker tera rising 2014

The Maintenance on our PC Servers has completed. Servers are up and running! Thank you for your patience! Envy, and I will be your artist temporarily closed trade broker tera rising 2014 today!

Settle, kitchen dance, servant bow, peace. First two slots are taken! First commission is in progress! Will update when commissions are finished and two slots open up again!

If you are interested leave a post here or send me a temporarily closed trade broker tera rising 2014 message and I'll let you personally know when I'm available! I just wanted to let you know your art is super adorable! Unfortunately I'm not on your servers and don't have any resources in your servers, but maybe one day! For Icye over on TR! A slot has opened up! Woah Your Art is so so so so so cute!! As of this post, both slots are open ;o if youre interested, send me a message here or via messaging system on tumblr and we can sort out details and payment.

Bumping again because I updated the wishlist to include swimsuits! I would much prefer swimsuits for AV! Currently aiming for the school swimsuit with the stockings, or the sailor swimsuit, because both are really cute! Both slots are still open! Midnight bump to keep relevant! Commission done for Aetona! May edited May I'll not be working on commissions for the next few days however, because I was in to the dentist today and had a molar pulled, so I'm not temporarily closed trade broker tera rising 2014 great!

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