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Heerlijk dat nieuwe werken. Pas mijn afstudeerborrel gegeven. Te gekke plek, echt een super avond gehad! It's interesting, affiliate marketing and scamming is do deep in your blood that even when you threaten someone, it has an affiliate marketing angle. I would think you would have noticed that youtube's comments is in a chronological order, but since you were so desperate to provide fake proof, you missed out on that Fri Apr 13 Tokyo: Blue Sky Binary Posts: Wave and Dive delivered profitability as well.

Find out more inside and contact us for any information you require. See you all in February! Team Blue Sky BInary. Signal Hive - The No. This is the performance of Sake Turbo, one of Signal Hive performance leaders for around a year. It shows how it fared through Brexit, the Binary. Hello thanks for your feedback, Those are based on client accounts that are copying Sake Turbo.

All data is straight out of the binary. There are delays if you are referring to Hawkeye, but that is a risk management layer that will wait for a better price on the signal, so it will take it "late". Below you can see Dive, Wave, Pavel and Knick actual client results on autotrader mode: February edited February Gabman is the same troll who got his ass handed to him by Ryan at Signal Push a few years ago.

He lied on this forum about how much he lost with a signal provider who was in difficulty back then guy called Binirus but when he was caught for falsifying numbers, he went all ape shit. You can follow the entire discussion here http: You want to be a people's champion?

Shut up and trade or give something back to the community like traders like Okane are doing instead of trying to defame services who are nothing but honest. I've been with Hive even before their auto trader and can vouch for the profitability of man of their providers.

Am I a scam too? Every comment I read of yours on this forum is aggressive, abusive and lo and behold I find out you are giving positive comments and reviews on Binary Watchdog, one of the biggest scams in the industry. I'll post that too. Transparent Binary Options trader and former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money. You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there.

Hello Jibril, For some reason you keep saying the same thing again without actually having the courtesy to read our response. We will say this 1 final time: We post 2 ITMs for each signal stream on the weekly results reports posted on this forum and inside Signal Hive.

So it is the "real" itm and all our stats are real. It is what clients are getting. That is what we market our system on.

If we have a losing week, you see it in the reports go ahead and actually read some. If we have a great week, you'll see it in the reports. For those that are not trolls, can read and interpret basic data, have serious questions, please post them here; very happy to delve into the detail of our real stats.

This industry attracts bright talents but also the very deranged, unfortunately and we'd like to keep all threads here productive and clean.

Let's see, The Binary Lab by Julian Wong one of the biggest affiliate marketing scandals to hit this space in years. Or let's see some more You're a flat Earther and believer in Jeranism and are trying to talk stats to ex floor traders?