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One of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is developing rapidly in tourism and trade. It calls itself one of the more modern and progressive cities in the Middle Eastbut it has been severely criticized for the mistreatment of workers, especially those whose home countries are on the Subcontinent. Critics investigating the labor situation, including professor Andrew Ross, of New York University, which opened a campus in the UAE inhave been barred from entry by the local authorities.

Dubai is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a country, though it is part of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a commercial and cultural hub of the Middle East, it's a global transport hub, and has attracted world attention through many large innovative construction projects and sports events. The city is symbolised by its skyscrapers, including the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, world class luxury hotels, and some of the largest and extraordinarily modern shopping malls in the world.

Despite being a relatively new tourist destination, Dubai is essentially a trip stock options dubai city with superb infrastructure and liberal policies by Islamic standards that became popular for its excellent tourist amenities. Just a five hour flight from Europe and three hours from most parts of the Middle Trip stock options dubai, the Near East, and the Indian subcontinent, Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, sporting events, and even a few sinful pleasures.

Homosexuality is trip stock options dubai crime in Dubai, and gay persons may be arrested for public displays of affection of any kind. There is not a single independent media outlet in the UAE. The country is not a democracy, and while there are laws in Dubai, they apply more to some than to others.

This being said, Dubai is noticeably less draconian than many of its neighboring countries. Dubai has one of the largest per capita immigrant populations in the world, and the ethnic cuisine on display is superlative by international standards.

Personal safety is not an issue in Dubai, and both women and men can walk freely at all hours of the day and night. Despite the fact that Arabic is the official language, due to the fact that foreigners outnumber Emiratis by almost 4 to 1 in Dubai, it is safe to say that most of the population does not speak it. English serves as the lingua francaand most Emiratis speak English to be able to communicate with the migrant workers who work for them.

In fact, most shops are staffed by Indian or Filipino migrant workers rather than Emiratis. The weekly day off is Friday. Since Septembera harmonized weekend of Friday and Saturday has been adopted for the public sector and schools.

Some local companies still work half a day on Thursday with a full day trip stock options dubai Saturday, but larger companies tend to permit time off work for their employees on Friday and Saturday. See Dubai's 10 day forecast. The city of Dubai is situated on a coastal strip bordered by desert and gets very hot. It is dry on the hottest days trip stock options dubai humid during the cooler days in the summer. December to April generally produces the highest precipitation, though little of it, at millimetres 3.

Some years yield no more than a few minutes of shower. See the Get in section for the United Arab Emirates for visa and customs regulations. Airlines often have price wars to glamorous destinations like Dubai and this can work to your advantage by careful planning and comparison of the various airlines serving Dubai.

Emirates is Dubai's official airline carrier which connects Dubai to trip stock options dubai destinations while FlyDubai is Dubai's low-cost carrier. Low fares from North America are most often found on Qatar Airways eff. June Qatar Airways is banned from flying to Dubai until further notice due to a diplomatic spat. Dubai's only international road trip stock options dubai is with Oman at Al Wajajah. Expatriate residents of Oman will require an official permit to exit Oman by road.

Visitors do not require the permit. There is an OMR3 charge per vehicle to exit Oman and, if returning, retain the charge receipt as it will be required to re-enter. Trip stock options dubai that insurance is valid for the UAE preferably before commencing the journey.

Temporary UAE insurance can be purchased at the border for a premium price. Dubai is a very car-oriented city and most visitors will choose to take taxis instead of the public transportation system. You can easily find them at the taxi queue or you just simple wave at one on the road, but this could be just difficult during rush hours. Also some of them even refuse short trip stock options dubai in jammed areas. Signage is terrible in Dubai, and taxis often get lost.

The best thing to do is navigate from well-known landmarks, such as hotels. GPS devices are often outdated. Street and road names can be very confusing, because the different transliterations from Arabic, you will notice that the slight variance in the spelling is very important. Some agencies also offer a car hire service with drivers, an option much more comfortable for visitors, specially if the driver speaks English and knows the way around the city better trip stock options dubai most taxi drivers.

Some of the best car rental companies are: Careem Car Services, that offers an easy booking system with a real-time tracking app and, if you need it, you trip stock options dubai hire a car with child sit.

DotTransfers also offers additional services like an executive transportation and limousine service with fair rates and good booking assistance. Ahdab International Luxury Transport is a highly experienced team of professionals but their rates tend to be quite expensive.

The Government of Dubai operates a network of buses linking Dubai city with the capitals of the other six emirates of the UAE. The buses run under the name Emirates Express and operate from various bus terminals in Dubai. For timetables see the website. Dubai is a trading hub for dhows from around the Indian Ocean. Travellers wanting to arrive in the city this way will probably need to make their own arrangements with the captain of the vessel. Most of the dhows sail to Iran ; some also head to Yemen and Somalia.

Emulating Michael Palin and heading to India on a dhow is difficult-to-impossible. Dubai has an international cruise terminal [1] at Port Rashid. Valfajr Shipping Company runs a boat service that leaves Bandar Lengeh and Bandar Abbas in Iran supposedly every second day and docks in Port Rashid in Dubai, returning the following day.

Crossing the Persian Gulf takes roughly 6 hours. The ticket includes trip stock options dubai Iranian style. Dubai's public transport system is probably the best in the Middle East, especially after the launch of the metro, but it's still a very car-oriented city and most visitors end up taking taxis quite often. The Wojhati journey planner can suggest the best way to travel. Both are available at metro stations and major bus stations.

The Silver card is useful for public transport users who stay in Dubai for more than a day. Check out at the end of your trip this includes buses. Deira is zone 5. Between the Creek and the Water Canal is zone 5. Water Canal to Marina is zone 2. Jebel Ali is the last costal zone 1. Three other zones trip stock options dubai inland and not served by Dubai Metro.

While the line does not serve the old city centre, it's handy for zipping along Dubai's long coastline and includes stops at the airport, Burj Khalifa and the Mall of the Emirates. The Green Linewhich burrows through the city core, opened in September There are also Blue and Purple lines under construction with opening dates in the next few years.

Single tickets range from 2—8. Tickets can be purchased in automated machines, ticket offices or at the gate information clerk. Cash and payment cards are accepted Visa and MasterCard. Trains run every 3—5 minutes from All stations are air-conditioned and there's a large network of feeder buses. If you plan to travel late in the evening, check station working hours as the last train may depart earlier that the official system operating hours. It connects with the Dubai Tram. This is not a part of the rest of Transport, and therefore, need to buy separate ticket 15 Dirhams one-way and 25 Dirhams return.

The latest of Dubai's modern transportation system is the Dubai Tram, which opened on November 12, It provides commuters a comfortable transit service around the prime business and leisure districts of Dubai. The Dubai Tram operates for 19 hours daily running for It passes around the vibrant Dubai Marina where passengers are treated to breathtaking sights of towering skyscrapers and luxury yachts, and then travels down Jumeirah passing by the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Outside of Europe, the Dubai Tram is the first tram system that uses the state-of-the-art ground cable system which eliminates the unsightly and dangerous overhead cables.

Dubai Trip stock options dubai transport is a cheaper means of travelling within the several districts of Dubai. A map of the bus system trip stock options dubai be found onlineas well as detailed route maps and timetables [2].

Public buses are clean and cheap, but unfortunately not very comprehensive and on some routes quite infrequent. The bus system is most useful for getting between different areas of central Dubai, or between the various suburbs, rather than general transport.

Taxis or a fair amount of walking will also be required if you visit Dubai without a car of your own. You will require a Nol card or ticket for fare payment. Cards can be purchased from most bus stations, metro stations, and sometimes from the bus driver.

The flat fare is Trip stock options dubai, but might be higher for hour-long rides to distant suburbs. Clear route maps and timetables trip stock options dubai placed inside a few bus stands. The front seats are reserved for women. Probably the single most useful service for the casual tourist is Line 8which starts at the Gold Souq, takes the tunnel under the Creek to Heritage Village, and then sets off down Jumeirah Rd just behind the beach and all its hotels and malls, up to Burj al-Arab and Wild Wadi.

It terminates near the Internet City, while its 8A variant goes down a little further and also serves the Mall of the Emirates. Taxis trip stock options dubai the streets of Dubai and are relatively easy to spot with their cream bodies and coloured roofs.

The easiest place to find them is at the taxi queue at one of the malls or outside a trip stock options dubai.

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