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Preferential heuristics, uncertainty and the structure of the environment. Two distinct ways to harness behavioral insights. Wie entscheiden Menschen eigentlich? Sind die Gesetze des Denkens die Gesetze der Wahrscheinlichkeit? A look at experimental protocol in psychology through the conceptual lenses of game theory and experimental economics. Adaptive Heuristiken im menschlichen Urteil. Experimental practices in economics: A methodological challenge for psychologists.

Adaptive Heuristiken im menschlichen Urteil: Die Umgebung macht die Arbeit. Wer zahlt die Zeche? Does negating the affirmation affirm the negation? Vom homo oeconomicus zum homo psychologicus. More is not always better: The benefits of cognitive limits. Wer weiss schon, was er will? Why more resources are not necessarily better. Wenn weniger mehr bedeutet. The benefits of cognitive limitations. Why more is not always better: Decisions from experience and the effect of rare events.

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If life is a gamble, what is a representative gamble? Symposium in honor of Ken Hammond. Risky choices without trade-offs. A framework for decisions from description and experience. Simple decision rules in a complex world. How to model decisions from experience. The inescapable dilemmas of multi-level problems in the wild. Social cognition and social rationality. Jerez de La Frontera, Spanien. How less can be more. Imperial College London, UK. Models, tests and practical implications.

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Learning, bounded rationality, and decisions. Three related workshops, and a winter school. Colloquium series of the department of general psychology.

Was macht uns Angst und warum. Warum wir neue Energie brauchen -- und welche. Rivals in the dark: How competition influences search in decisions under uncertainty. Minerva workshop on alarms, rare events and predictions. Department of Cognitive Science Colloquium. Central European University, Budapest, Ungarn. Deliberately choosing not to know. Entscheiden im Zwielicht der Unsicherheit.

Der Umgang mit Risiken: Senior Academic Seminar, School of Economics. The University of Nottingham, Great Britain. Boosting statt Nudging — was ist die bessere Alternative? Gut Kaden, Alveslohe, Deutschland. Hindernisse auf dem Weg zu einer erfolgreichen Risikokommunikation. Deliberating choosing not to know. Department of Economics and Business Economics. Ecologically Rational Choice and the Structure of the Environment. International Conference "Herbert Simon: The genius of simplicity and boundedness".

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Wie man den Konjunktionsfehler zum Verschwinden bringt. How representation affects our reasoning on the conjunction problem. How input format affects our reasoning on the conjunction problem. Judgments of letter frequencies: The Hume-Hartley effect in hindsight bias.

Encoding and representing relative letter frequencies: From availability to connection strengths. Cognitive reconstruction in hindsight: A model and an experiment. How to reverse probability judgments in the conjunction problem: Polysemy, conversational maxims, and frequency judgments. Hindsight Bias as a result of cue updating. Von Rudi Dutschke zu Guido Westerwelle: Wandeln sich Studienwahlmotive im Wandel der Zeit? A satisficing mechanism of memory reconstruction and how it accounts for hindsight bias.

Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Berlin, Deutschland. Ein neuer Blick auf alte Traditionen: Death tolls, accident statistics, and city populations: Simple mechanisms for quantitative estimation. Are they systematically biased due to availability? Bringt gutes Experimentieren kognitive Illusionen zum Verschwinden? Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Marburg, Deutschland. Zur Abgrenzbarkeit verschiedener Algorithmen: Evidence from experimental psychology.

Letting the environment do some of the work. Letting the environment do the work. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Leipzig, Deutschland.

Parental investment and the inequality of equality. Experimental Practices In Economics: A Methodological Challenge For Psychologists? How to Keep Children Safe in Traffic: Find the Daredevils Early.

Estimation in a J-shaped world: The costs of deception: Evidence mostly from experimental psychology. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Braunschweig, Deutschland. A challenge for psychologists? A review of the use of representative design in social judgment theory research. Tagung der Brunswik Society, Berlin, Deutschland. Der psychologische Ausweg aus einem juristischen Kommunikationsproblem. A challenge for psychologists. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Chemnitz, Deutschland.

Sampling from J-shaped worlds. Workshop Information sampling as a key to understanding adaptive cognition in an uncertain environment, Heidelberg, Deutschland. Sampling of stimuli affects models of cognitive processes. The benefits of mental bounds: Why bigger Mai not be better.

How do people judge the frequency of occurrence of health risks. Modeling the hindsight bias. Simple heuristics for risky choice. On the determinants of the psychological weighting of rare events. When and why QuickEst works.

Societal risks, causes of death, and diseases: How and how accurately people assess them. Does forgetting serve an adaptive function in memory-based inference? In experience-based decision making, men behave like bumblebees. The hindsight bias as a by-product of an adaptive memory mechanism. How forgetting benefits heuristic inference. Die Social Circle Heuristik. How adaptive is the use of the recognition heuristic? Man as an intuitive statistician: More on the psychology of the recognition heuristic: The decision not to use it.

How forgetting aids heuristic inference: An exaptive function of forgetting. The collective wisdom of partially ignorant people. The weight of experience in decisions from experience. The ecologically rational fluency heuristic: A model of how the mind exploits a by-product of information retrieval. A model of how the mind exploits a by-product of memory retrieval. Cognitive processes in risky choice. Process tests of the priority heuristic.

Simple heuristics in the ultimatum game. What is bounded rationality? Arbeitskreis auf der Ulrich Hoffrage und Ralph Hertwig. Symposium auf der Models of satisficing inference. Methodological Challenges for Experimental Economics and Psychology.

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A prospective study" mit Sonja Hilbrand, David A. Vertreter der wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter des Instituts Mitglied in diversen Kommissionen z. Simple rules in a complex world. How to make good decisions. Organisierte Arbeitskreise, Symposien und Konferenzen Brunswik heute: Interdisciplinary perspectives on grandparental investment: A journey towards causality.

The role of attitudes in diet, eating, and body weight. A view from psychology. Journal of Economic Perspectives. Phasing out a risky technology: An endgame problem in German nuclear power plants? The frequency of family meals and nutritional health in children: Parents' considerable underestimation of sugar and their child's risk of overweight. International Journal of Obesity.

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