Wind turbines cost

Are wind turbines reliable, and what about maintenance? Bergey Windpower sells more residential systems than anyone else because our turbines have proven to be the most reliable on the market. Our turbines have only 3 or 4 moving parts and do not require any regular maintenance. Small wind turbines do make some noise, but not enough to be found objectionable by most people. They do not interfere with TV reception.

Will the utility company allow me to hook-up a wind generator? Federal regulations PURPA require utilities to allow you to install a wind generator and to pay you for any excess power you produce. Bergey Windpower can assist you in arranging the required utility company approvals. No, a wind turbine is easily retrofitted to virtually any home without need of changing any wiring or appliances.

In some states a second utility meter will be added, however, so that the utility can know how much electricity you have sold to them. Usually a tower of between feet is supplied along with the wind turbine. Towers this tall are required to get above the turbulence generated by obstacles and trees on the ground.

Also, wind velocity, and, therefore, wind turbine performance, increases as you get higher off the ground. For most situations an 80 or foot tower is sufficient. The most economical type of tower is the guyed lattice type, but other types that are hinged or have no guy wires are also available.

Towers without guy wires are more expensive than guyed towers. That depends on your cost of electricity and average wind speed. The wind system will usually recoup its investment through utility savings within years and after that the electricity it produces will be virtually free.

Compared to purchasing utility power, a wind system can be a good investment because your money goes to increasing the value of your home rather than just paying for a service. Many people buy wind systems for their retirement because they are concerned about utility rate increases.

There are two routes: The first route requires less work on your part and offers a higher level of after-sales support. The self-installation route offers meaningful savings. We would be happy to discuss the various approaches with you to determine which is best for your situation.

We would be happy to send you further information on our small wind turbines or answer any of your questions. Just call or write to Bergey Windpower Co. This means the future cost of wind energy will not be affected by increasing fossil fuel prices or the cost of greenhouse gas emissions. Wind farm owners need only consider ongoing operating and maintenance costs and increasingly it is possible to secure long term maintenance contracts if owners do not wish to undertake their own maintenance.

The average New Zealand retail cost of electricity is An energy cost of Estimates of the cost of wind-generated electricity vary. The reason for this wide range is that there are many variable factors that affect the cost of developing a wind farm - such as wind speeds, ability to maximise generation, construction costs, the cost of connecting the wind farm to transmission lines, capital costs, market conditions for wind turbines, the exchange rate and commodity prices.

The cost of electricity from wind turbines has decreased dramatically and further reductions in cost are forecast. Click on image to enlarge. Analysis by Lazard also highlight how cost competitive wind energy is with other forms of generation. The Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory recently published the results of a global survey of wind energy experts. There are costs associated with integrating increasing amounts of wind energy into the electricity system, but these costs are estimated to be less than the costs associated with continuing to rely on thermal generation.